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Big changes have taken place over the last nine months. After working for over a year at, primarily on their Direct website, I took the not-so-hard decision to marry the woman I love, which I duly did on 15 September, 2007.

This, however, means moving to the USA and starting fresh in a new country. So it was fairwell to Tesco and the UK, and hello to the joys of developer work in the States. I was very fortunate to get work with Business Innovation in Woburn almost immediately, and I'm enjoying the new challenges that this is bringing.


Web Design
Web design work is still coming in. Most recently I designed a new site for CoreHealth, Check it out at

Other ongoing work includes a site for Tom E. Morrison, a composer and music producer, which involved lots of embedded movies. Find it here:

All enquiries about further design work can be directed to me via the email link below.

Thanks for the feedback so far. Email me by clicking here.

Updated 2 June 2008


Andrew Price

Tom E Morrison


Heale & High

Anthony Cochrane


This website was originally built as a first attempt at web design and to publicise my main business as an actor.

Due to complications from a throat operation, my acting days seem to be over and I'm currently re-positioning myself, career-wise. As a result, this site will soon be undergoing a complete re-design to reflect my new situation.

In the meantime, I've expanded my web designing activities, and you can see the results by clicking on the panels to the left.

The rest of the site brings together all the things I've been doing in my spare time over the years.


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